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When we are reading we should be constantly thinking about what is happening in the story. Just reading the words is not enough. When your child is reading to you, or when you are reading to your child, stop once in a while to ask a question or two. If your child cannot answer the questions they need to reread. Below are some sample questions you may ask.

Fiction Stories:
Where does this story take place?
Which character is your favorite? Why?
What does this story remind you of?
What is the problem that the main character is having?
How do you think the character will solve the problem?
What happened at the beginning of the story?
What happened at the middle of the story?
How does this story end?
How would you change this story?
If you were the main character would you act the same way?
What do you think the author is trying to tell us in this story?

Nonfiction Texts:
What did you find interesting about this topic?
How did the writer make it interesting?
What did you notice about the way the author organized the information?
What did the author tell you first about this topic?
Look at the pictures and graphs. What did you learn from these?
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